Hey Joe

About Us

Here at Hey Joe we design and produce a range of stylish clothes for little people between the ages of 3 and 10 yrs old with an emphasis on ‘made and played in Britain’. We want to create those favourites that kids will remember when they’re older - (for me it was the first special party dress my dad bought me when I was seven!). I look after every aspect of design and manufacture with the help of a small and dedicated team who are just as daft about producing our range as I am.

We wanted to have a timeless quality to our clothes but also to feature quirkier modern designs - something we hadn’t seen before. One of our grandfathers was a Master Tailor here in our home town of Nottingham so we felt we had to build on local crafts and skills or we wouldn’t be doing ourselves justice. We now have incredibly strong links with local factories and suppliers and that’s something we’re immensely proud of. In fact, we can’t imagine it any other way.    

Why can’t children’s clothes be as beautifully designed, styled, cut and made as the very finest adult clothes? It’s a simple premise and one we strive to deliver against every day. 

As for inspiration?  Easy. Children. We love the way they play, the way they dream, the way they question……

Sara Lindley

Co-founder of Hey Joe Clothing Ltd